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Text Box: Sony HVR-HD1000P             HDV High Definition                 Shoulder-Mount Camcorder

อุปกรณ์เสริม / Accessories :      
Sony NP-F970 Lithium-Ion Battery   Sony VCT-1170RM Video Tripod with Remote Controller  
Sony AC-V700A Battery Charger-AC Adaptor   Sony VMC-IL4415 i.Link Cable (4-4 Pin, 1.5m)  
Sony VCL-HGD0737C  Wide Conversion Lens   Sony VMC-IL4615 i.Link Cable (4-6 Pin, 1.5m)  
Sony VCL-HGD1737C  Tele Conversion Lens   Sony VMC-IL4435 i.Link Cable (4-4 Pin, 3.5m)  
Sony UWP-V1 Clip-Tie Wireless Microphone   Sony PHDVM-63DM  Pro HDV Cassette 63 minutes  
Sony HVL-BPA  LED Video Light      
สินค้าอื่นที่เกี่ยวข้อง / Related Products :            

Text Box: Professional Video Equipment

HDV Camcorder

HDV Video Cassette

HDV Accessories XDCAM EX Camcorder XDCAM EX Accessories
Sony HVR-A1P Recorder Sony HVR-MRC1K Sony PMW-EX1 Sony PHU-60K
Sony HVR-HD1000P Sony HVR-M15AP Sony HVR-DR60 Sony PMW-EX3 Sony SBAC-US10
Sony HVR-V1P Sony HVR-M25AP Sony NCFD-8GP, NCFD-16GP   Sony SBP-8, 16,32
Sony HVR-Z1P Sony HVR-M35P Sony BP-GL65, BP-GL95 XDCAM EX Memory Sony BP-U30, BP-U60
Sony HVR-Z5P Sony HVR-1500A Sony AC-DN10 Recorder  
Sony HVR-Z7P   Sony BC-L70 Sony PMW-EX30  
Sony HVR-S270P DVCAM Camcorder      
  Sony DSR-PD170P      
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Text Box: Sony Professional HDV Tape

Text Box: - กล้องบันทึกวิดีโอคุณภาพสูงระบบ HDV แบบประทับบ่า                                             - ตัวรับภาพแบบ ClearVid CMOS Sensors ขนาด 1/2.9" ความละเอียด 6.1 Mega pixels  - เลนส์ Carl Ziess Vario Sonnar T* Lens คุณภาพสูง พร้อมออพติคอลซูม 10 เท่า         - Shot-Gun Microphone ติดหัวกล้อง (ช่องต่อแบบ Stereo Mini Jack)                         - จอ Hybrid Clear Photo LCD ขนาด 2.7" ระบบสัมผัส                                     - รองรับการบันทึกได้ทั้งระบบ HDV, DVCAM และ DV Format                                    - ช่องต่อสัญญาณวิดีโอ Component, Composite Output แบบ RCA Pin                        - ช่องต่อสัญญาณวิดีโอ S-Video และ HDMI

Text Box: Product Overview

Text Box: A new camcorder has been created to meet the growing demand from users who are looking for mobility and professional appearance. The HVR-HD1000U features a shoulder-mount design and black matte body similar to that of professional camcorders; making it perfect for weddings, corporate communications, and sporting events where appearance makes a difference. Premium design characteristics and high-definition HDV™1080i recording are the main features of this new one-piece shoulder camcorder, ideal for working videographers on a budget. A built-in down-converter creates DV material, perfect for standard DVD productions. Plus, a special still photo mode is ideal for producing DVD cases and making wedding photo albums. Whether you are recording weddings and corporate communications or helping students make a documentary, the HVR-HD1000U is the best choice on the market today as an entry level professional camcorder.