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อุปกรณ์เสริม / Accessories :

Sony HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit   Sony UWP-V1 Clip-Tie Wireless Microphone  
Sony NP-F970 Lithium-Ion Battery   Sony VMC-IL4415 i.Link Cable (4-4 Pin, 1.5m)  
Sony AC-VQ1050D Battery Charger-AC Adaptor   Sony VMC-IL4615 i.Link Cable (4-6 Pin, 1.5m)  
Sony VCL-HGD0872 Wide Conversion Lens   Sony VMC-IL4435 i.Link Cable (4-4 Pin, 3.5m)  
Sony VCL-HGD1872 Tele Conversion Lens   Sony PHDVM-63DM  Pro HDV Cassette 63 minutes  
Sony HVL-LBPA  LED Video Light   Silicon Power CF Card 32GB, 16GB/600x  
Sony VCT-1170RM Video Tripod with Remote Controller   Silicon Power CF Card 64GB, 32GB, 16GB/400x  
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HDV Camcorder

HDV Video Cassette

HDV Accessories XDCAM EX Camcorder XDCAM EX Accessories
Sony HVR-A1P Recorder Sony HVR-MRC1K Sony PMW-EX1R Sony PHU-120R
Sony HVR-HD1000P Sony HVR-M15AP Sony BP-GL65, BP-GL95 Sony PMW-EX3 Sony SBAC-US10
Sony HVR-V1P Sony HVR-M25AP Sony AC-DN10   Sony SBP-8, 16,32
Sony HVR-Z1P Sony HVR-M35P Sony BC-L70 XDCAM EX Memory Sony BP-U30, BP-U60
Sony HVR-Z5P Sony HVR-1500A   Recorder  
Sony HVR-Z7P     Sony PMW-EX30  
Sony HVR-S270P NXCAM Camcorder     DVCAM Camcorder
  Sony HXR-NX5P     Sony DSR-PD170P
  Sony HXR-MC50P      
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Text Box: Silicon Power CompactFlash Card 16GB/600x
  Silicon Power CompactFlash Card 32GB/600x

Text Box: Professional Video Equipment


Text Box: + Click here to enlarge

Text Box: - กล้องวิดีโอคุณภาพสูงระบบ HDV แบบ 3CMOS                                                  - ตัวรับภาพแบบ ClearVid Exmor CMOS, ขนาด 1/3" ความละเอียด 1.12 Mega Pixels - บันทึกภาพแบบ 1080/24p/30p HDV native progressive recording modes           - สามารถบันทึกภาพลงม้วนเทปและ CompactFlash Card ได้โดยผ่าน HVR-MRC1 Memory Recording Unit (อุปกรณ์เสริม)                                                            - ใช้เลนส์คุณภาพสูง Sony G Lens wide 29.5mm พร้อมออพติคอลซูม 20 เท่า          - สามารถบันทึกวิดีโอคุณภาพสูงลงการ์ด CompactFlash 16GB ได้สูงสุด 72 นาที (HDV/DVCAM/DV format)                                                                              - รองรับการบันทึกทั้งระบบ HDV, DVCAM และ DV Format                                      - Built-in HD to SD down                                                                                - จอ XtraFine Wide Screen LCD ความละเอียดสูง 921,600 dots ขนาด 3.2"             - ช่องมองภาพขนาดใหญ่ สามารถเลือกเป็นสี หรือ ขาว-ดำ ได้                                  - ช่องต่อไมโครโฟนภายนอกแบบ Balanced Audio XLR input จำนวน 2 ช่อง               - ช่องต่ออุปกรณ์เสริม Accessories Shoe Connector 2 ช่อง

Text Box: Product Overview

Text Box: HVR-MRC1K                Memory Recording Unit(optional)

Text Box: Introducing a truly amazing new compact HDV™ camcorder from Sony. The HVR-Z5U camcorder is designed to enhance creativity and deliver the highest standard of optical and audio quality. Sony’s newly designed “G Lens” is incorporated into the camcorder, boasting excellent resolution, color, and contrast for breathtaking images that rival expensive interchangeable lenses. This new compact camcorder boasts Sony’s 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor™ system, utilizing the technology of Exmor, to provide excellent low-light sensitivity and making it ideal when high performance in limited light conditions is a requirement. The ergonomically designed body allows flexible shooting under any conditions, while maintaining Sony’s worldwide reputation for quality and high performance. The standard features of the HVR-Z5U include 1080/24p/30p HDV native progressive recording modes. Sony’s new cutting-edge hybrid recording system incorporates an optional HVR-DR60 or HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit, which allows simultaneous recording on tape and non-tape media for improve NLE workflow efficiency. The hybrid recording system is also capable of simultaneous HD and SD recording. Sony is continuously developing and expanding its HDV lineup in response to professional user feedback.

Text Box: Sony HVR-Z5P              HDV High Definition Camcorder